Andale Public School

Principal Message :

Our Mission: education is that foundation over which the edifice of our individuality is constructed , therefore taking into account the uniqueness of each individual and also focusing on developing the potential of each to the highest level with all virtues and grace,  is our mission.

We at Andale’s , firmally believe that every right implies a responsibility ,  every opportunity an obligation and every possession – a duty. Keeping in pace with the wave of digitalization , we extend our gratitude to Almighty for  bestowing upon us strength to uplift and digitalize the school gradually and consistently. So that students can confidently face the techno world when they step out of their aima matter.

We zealously help the students imbibe values through life skills enhancing activities to pave the way for a strong ethical base and a sense of responsibility for individual actions.

As a team ,  we have been ceaselessly striving to build an efficient counseling body to counsel the students  empowering them to face the challenges.

We are providing enhanced sports facilities with new sports being added every year. Our educational tours within the country expands vistas of students exposure into global village where they need to fit in.

As a School Community , we will continue to lay the foundation for students ‘ success  in school as well as life. We look forward to parent’s active involvement to work  together as partners  in establishing new concrete goals enriching the learning and lives of all students.

Wishing you all achieving year ahead

Kiran Bhasin


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